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March 15, 2017 at 15:58:46
Specs: DOS 6.2
I am trying to install an additional port in an old AST computer. I have an ISA card which has a parallel port and a serial port.

When I installed the card and rebooted the computer I received a BIOS error message. It stated that the Floppy Disk was configured wrongly.

I removed the card and the computer functioned OK.

I suspected that there must be an IRQ conflict.

I eventually found the jumper configuration information for the card.

Now I ran into another problem.

I can configure the parallel port of the card OK. My problem is the serial port.

There are already two serial comms ports on the computer, using IRQ3 and IRQ4.

I have configured the comms port on the external card to be COM3. The problem is setting the IRQ. The card configuratioon information only allows me to select !RQ3 or IRQ4.

My question now is "When I install the card, will this conflict situation cause BIOS errors?

Any help would be much appreciated


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March 15, 2017 at 17:00:16
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COM 1 : 3F8h : IRQ4 * BIOS Default Setting
COM 2 : 2F8h : IRQ3 * BIOS Default Setting

Configure ISA IO Card As :
[COM 3 : 3E8h : IRQ4] and/or [COM 4 : 2E8h : IRQ3]
and Resolve Conflict Problem.
You Can Disable Or Change BIOS Default Address (and IRQ), Also.
Note : COM1/3 -> IRQ4, and COM2/4 -> IRQ3.

Good Luck

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March 16, 2017 at 04:14:02

Many thanks for your help.

Much appreciated.


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