Problem with old DataEase

August 20, 2011 at 14:12:03
Specs: MS-Dos

In the 1980’s I used an IBM Dos version 286, I think, that had a DataEase 2.5 Release 2 database on it.I backed that database up using 5.25 diskettes. I just now cameacross those diskettes and wanted to see what was on them. It wasnot a full backup so, if anyone knows the old DataEase, if it is not a full restore, the files are loaded but they don’t automatically come up onthe database. There are other steps to take to get them loaded. I got the files temporarily loaded to an old computer (Packard Bell 486).From that point, as anyone knows the old DataEase, I logged on to DataEase, clicked on (5) for Utilities and then (3) to create the form that didn’t automatically load. I had to give the form a name I.E. Employee, DBA name: WWWWAAAA.DBA (form extension) and DBM name: WWWWAAAA.DBM (data extension). I always get that far and one of three things happens: (1) It says it isloading the form and data, but when I go out to access the data, I press “F2” and the record is blank or (2) I don’t get that far and I get a "System Error: Illegal Free 0" or “System Error: Illegal Free with some other number” or (3) sometimes nothing at all except something that looks like Chinese or another language. Do commands change from 286 to 386, etc. Like backup and restore.

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August 20, 2011 at 18:46:27
You could always try contacting DataEase (still in business), and they could perhaps give you some assistance:

or try the forums:

And no, commands don't change (significantly) with versions of DOS (which has nothing to do with the type of CPU in the machine).

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August 21, 2011 at 10:53:20

Thank you very much for the reply, T-R-A.

I will try those forums. I'm not very computer literate. I'm probably not relaying the problems correctly for people to understand.

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