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Possible SUBST solution to installing Win 1.04 with DOSbox?

January 30, 2018 at 15:58:00
Specs: Windows 1.04
Hi, I have tried everything to install Windows 1.04 using DOSbox. I have changed the version of BIOS to the correct BIOS needed to run. The setup runs fine, gets to the stage where it requires the A drive (floppy) in order to setup.
I have tried creating a virtual disk drive using Windows Disk Management using the label A in order to hopefully coerce the setup to continue. I even mounted the virtual disk and put the setup files in the drive and ran, got slightly further but then I needed to mount the C drive because I was then told I need 2 floppy disks to store Windows 1. As far as I'm aware I couldn't fool the setup into believing I had installed Windows 1 onto 2 floppys. I cant mount multiple drives at the same time (?) and so, no win.
On the other hand, doing it the other way, my local disk is mounted therefore conflicts with the desired A drive needed to run setup.

I've seen that it may be possible to utilize the SUBST command in order to (complete novice with MS-DOS, so bare with me) substitute the physical paths on logical drives as virtual, therefore making the setup files Windows 1 replicate being a floppy disk inside a floppy drive.

How is this possible? I have tried SUBST;
<command>SUBST C: A:</command> and to no avail. I know I'm probably doing it wrong as I have zero experience with MS DOS other than spending all day messing around DOSbox...

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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June 5, 2018 at 11:37:43
This sounds like a problem with your setup of Dosbox, not anything inside DOS itself. You could try telling DOS that a given directory is the B: drive (2nd floppy) if your logical A: drive can't be changed, but I don't know if Windows will let itself be installed from B:.

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