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Old Backup To Be Restored

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My brother gave an old backup he wanted restored so he could read the data. The label on the one backup file is” pcbackup.001″ etc. (etc. meaning the tag .001, .002) and the other tag is ” .bak”. I have an old backup copy of Central Point PC Tools from a Windows 3.1 backup that I installed on Windows 98 to be able to use the DOS that I think is one of the backup programs used. The problem is CP Backup so old that it doesn’t recognize the 3.5″ 1.44m floppy drive. It only lists the 5..25″ 1.2m and 320k floppies and fixed disk and removable disk. I chose the removable disk option and the disk spun up but I got an error message ” Bad Disk”. I tryed the “Backup Program” using the same options, with the same result using a formatted blank disk so I figured a formatting conflict. PC Tools has a format function which I tryed to use and got a message saying “The Wrong DOS” was being used and couldn’t do the format.
I tryed the fixed disk option for “Restore” but I think my command of “CP Backup” being a little more than rusty (I used to use MW Backup in Windows 3.1) it wouldn’t work either.
Another cause might be the fact that the data came to me on a USB data stick that I had problems with installing on Windows 98 hard disk, so i used my Windows XP hard disk running NTFS file system and copying them to the Windows 98 running FAT32 and might have corrupted them that way but I don’ t think so.
So my problem is: How do I get “PC Tools” to work under Windows 98 DOS or maybe a later version able to recognize the backup tags and use the 3.5″ 1.44m floppy drive or maybe a program allowing me to format the floppies to 1.2m format.
Also if anybody has an idea of the backup programs that use the tags “.bak” and “pcbackup.001” (I’m not sure that PC Tools was used) I’d appreciate the info. It’ll be a waalk down memory lane because the date of the backups was done in June 1991.


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  1. Well don’t format the disks or try some ‘repair’ utility. You’ll only ruin them.
    I believe cpbackup was used with some of the pcdos versions. I have pcdos 6.3 and can check to see if it’s on there.

    I also recall seeing some central point disks but I’ve got boxes full of old floppies so it might take awhile to find them.

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  2. Thanks DAVE:
    After trying about three or four never fail solutions I’ve given up and sent the data stick back with the stuff I was able to retrieve. First I made the stick a bootable dos disk so he would be able to read it on his Windows 7 computer and if he has to work in DOS he just has to boot up the stick and work it from there. I also included my version of PC Tools so he has that. I think that the problem might have been that the backups he sent me on the stick (I didn’t get the original disks which were probably 1.2m) didn’t include the identifiers. When I did a sample backup with my copy of PC Tools I got two other files labeled CPBACKUP.INF and CPBACKUP.DIR along with CPBACKUP.001 so I think that’s why none of the restore programs worked.
    Thanks anyway for all the help!

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