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Non-System Disk Or Disk Error!!!!

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After all the trials and tribulations getting MS-DOS 6.22 to recognise my slave HDD on IDE0 at D:\
[ see here:… ]

I finally succeeded [thanks to Mechanix2Go] getting it formatted. It is a 20Gb seagate with a partition of 1960Mb. I got MS-DOS 7.10 installed – as it had previously refused to see the drive also.
Great! It went fine, I set it to dual-boot with XP and it assured me that it would also boot back to my DOS 6.22 at any time [which is on C:\] if i would just press F4..
Fantastic! That is exactly what I was going for..
But NO!! When I choose MS-DOS 7.10 from the boot menu, I get the beautiful resoponse of:
Non-System disk or disk error
Replace and press and key when ready.
I have tried install again [off boot cd] and tried to install off boot floppies, but alas, it is not to be..

Any help with this issue would be much appreciated.

p.s. I know the square brackets look silly but my normal bracket keys refuse to work on this keyboard.


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  1. So you’ve got XP on a physical drive jumpered Master and dos on a drive jumpered as slave? A 1920 MB partition is about 2 gig but the drive is 20 gig so you’ve got 18 gig unused? Or was 1920 MB a typo? A 2 gig partition is the maximum size for a fat16 partition which dos 6.22 uses but 7.1 can use fat32 which could allow a single 20 gig partition.

    When you’ve got 2 OS’s on 2 separate drives it may be easier to disable the master in cmos/bios setup and then partition, format and install the second OS on the slave.

    Then when both drives are enabled in cmos it’ll boot from the primary master. When the primary master is disabled it’ll boot from the primary slave or secondary master or slave (depending on how they’re connected) It’s a little bit of a hassle because you’ve got to go into cmos each time you want to boot from a different drive but you don’t have to hassle with a boot loader and then wonder what’s wrong.

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