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Solved Non System Disk Or Disk Error Help

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when i install xp after dos on my system
when i go to os-dos i have this massege :non system disk or disk error

again by floppy bootable dos write “sys c”
dos be good but windows xp isnt and i must install xp again
if again i have this massege after install xp :(!?


1 Answer

  1. If you created the disks correctly from the download then the install shouldn’t be a problem. You boot up with the first disk and follow the on-screen instructions. It’s possible you’ll get an error saying something about there already being an operating system on the drive. If so, that’s because you previously sys’d the drive. The easiest way to fix that is probably to reformat the drive and then NOT sys it and then start again with disk 1.

    Dos 6.22 installs on a fat16 partition which is limited in size to no more than 2 gig. You didn’t mention the hard drive size but I’m sure it’s larger than 2 gig. That should be OK. 6.22’s fdisk will simply take up the first 2 gig of the drive. The remaining space could be used for an XP install if you still wanted to do that. Again you need to follow the instructions in the MS link if you want to do that.

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