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Maximum Amount of Memory For DOS

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What is the maximum amount of memory that DOS 6.22 can support? Every time that I boot the computer it just sits and does nothing. It was running fine with the original 640 MB of RAM then I upgraded the thing to 1.5 GB of RAM and now it doesn’t seem to work. The only reason I’m running the computer with DOS is because of some really old software that gets used on it, that I can’t replace.


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  1. DOS 6.22 can address 640 KB (not MBytes!) of conventional memory and use upto 64 MB of extended memory via DPMI and DOS Extender or himem.sys.

    I strongly suggest you download a free virtual machine as MS Virtual PC or Open Source VirtualBox then install as guest operating system your MS DOS 6.22 and run the legacy applications inside the virtual environment. In that way the DOS applications run concurrently with a modern Windows system as XP/Vista or 7 inside a window on the desktop.

    Using MS Virtual PC you can even set up an easy sharing of files/folders with the host hard drive.

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