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(IBM PC 5150) copy entire hard drive

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Hello friends:
First sorry for my English.

I need some help with a batch file
I have an IBM PC 5150 with a 20MB hard drive and want to make a copy of all files (subdirectories, hidden files and system files) to another hard drive d: automatically.
I do not want to use the ghost program and do not want to use some program to do a backup.

I can boot my computer from a floppy or from the hard disk itself.
On the hard drive I have the MS-DOS 4.10.
To boot from the floppy I can do with the MS-DOS 3, MS-DOS 4.10, MS-DOS 5 and MS-DOS 6.22.
I know the file xcopy, but I need to also copy the hidden files and need the switch / h, but these versions of MS-DOS do not.
I’m thinking in this code but I need to improve because I need to copy all files automatically.

@echo off

if not exist *.* goto Error
attrib +a *.*


c: xcopy *.* d: /m

if errorlevel 5 goto Error
if errorlevel 4 goto Go
if errorlevel 1 goto Error
if errorlevel 0 goto End

echo ¡ERROR!
goto End

echo ¡O.K!

Please I need some help.
Thanks and best regards