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How To Read Floppy 1.44 Compressed With Doublespace (1.8MB)

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Hi to everyone,
I have an issue I need to recovery info from a floppy disk (1.44MB). This floppy was compressed with doublespace (in my opinion) and there is also a label on the floppy with this text: “1.8MB”. Unfortunately who compressed floppy can not help me anymore. I have MS DOS 6 and 6.22 (bought in a flea market) emulated with vmware. I have tried a little bit but I need help to understand the right procedure that i must follow.

I hope that someone can help me because i’m not so good with MS DOS.

Thx in advance



1 Answer

  1. Sir/Lady ,

    MS-DOS 6.0 and 6.2 included DoubleSpace disk compression. MS-DOS 6.22
    includes DriveSpace compression instead of DoubleSpace. DriveSpace appears
    similar to DoubleSpace, but stores compressed information in a different
    format. (If you are currently using DoubleSpace, you can continue to use it
    with MS-DOS 6.22.)

    Establishes a connection between a compressed volume file (CVF) and a drive
    letter so that you can use the files the CVF contains. DriveSpace usually
    mounts CVFs automatically. You need to mount a CVF only if you previously
    unmounted it, or if the CVF is located on a floppy disk and Automount is


    DRVSPACE /MOUNT[=nnn] drive1: [/NEWDRIVE=drive2:]


    Specifies the drive that contains the compressed volume file you want to
    mount. You must specify a drive letter.


    Directs DriveSpace to mount the compressed volume file with the filename
    extension specified by the nnn parameter. For example, to mount a CVF
    named DRVSPACE.001, you would specify /MOUNT=001. If you omit the nnn
    parameter, DriveSpace attempts to mount the compressed volume file named
    DRVSPACE.000. The /MOUNT switch can be abbreviated as /MO.

    Specifies the drive letter to assign to the new drive. This switch is
    optional; if you don’t specify a drive letter, DriveSpace assigns the
    new drive the next available drive letter. This switch can be
    abbreviated as /NEW.

    To mount a compressed floppy disk in drive A, you would type the following:

    drvspace /mount a:

    To mount the compressed volume file DRVSPACE.001 located on uncompressed
    drive D, you would type the following:

    drvspace /mount=001 d:


    If you currently use DoubleSpace, you can continue using it with MS-DOS
    6.22. Or, you can convert your system and all your DoubleSpace drives to

    NOTE The uncompression process can take a long time, especially if your
    DoubleSpace drives contain a lot of data. You might want to plan
    to carry out the process overnight.

    To convert your system from DoubleSpace to DriveSpace:

    1. Back up the data on each DoubleSpace drive, if you have not already
    done so.

    2. Run DoubleSpace, and choose the Uncompress command from the Tools menu.
    When DoubleSpace prompts you to uninstall DoubleSpace, type Y.

    DoubleSpace uncompresses all mounted DoubleSpace drives, and then
    removes DBLSPACE.BIN (the part of MS-DOS that provides access to
    DoubleSpace drives) from memory.

    3. Install DriveSpace by typing DRVSPACE at the command prompt.

    Good Luck

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