how to fix a vaio TXN25N HDD

April 3, 2011 at 22:51:19
Specs: Windows 7
i changed my laptop lowerbase i pull everything from this put to another everything were in place , when i start it said : NO OPERATING SYSTEM i go to bios,did not see HDD in there,pull out hard drive to see did i miss anything no everything inplace,conected , my laptop is sony vaio TXN25N 1.8 toshiba ATA interface,ZIP conector,i ring up computer repair shop they asking to charge me 195.00$ for it , i can't afford it , i'm a pensioner , can any gentleman out there help me please i'm truly appreciate it. please!!!.

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April 4, 2011 at 01:32:00
Taking apart a laptop is risky business. If anyone asks me to anything more with one than replace the hard drive or add memory I refuse because I know my limitations.

I'd go through all the bios settings again to make sure everything is configured right. If you're sure the bios is configured properly to see the hard drive and the boot order set right then either you missed a connection when you reassembled it or you damaged something.. There's no way we can guess what exactly happened to yours.

If you have another hard drive available you can connect it in place of the one you're now using just to see if the bios finds it. If so then maybe your old drive was damaged. Otherwise you might as well open up the laptop again and see if you can find what the problem is. Maybe one of those plastic cables isn't inserted far enough in its connector or maybe the cable is torn. Or maybe something isn't grounded properly.

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