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How Do I Get Backup Command For Old Dos Resto

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I have backup diskettes that were made using the old dos backup command which produces filename.001, filename.002, etc. My windows 98 will not let me restore the files. I tried to load MS dos 6.22 on the pc but still no backup command…only msbackup which will not work.


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  1. Have a look at this article from Microsoft. It refers to Windows 95, but may also be valid for 98. You may need to use the “restore” command rather than the “msbackup” one.

    Of course, it’s always possible that some other backup program produced these files.

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  2. Thanks for all your help. I finally decided that I could not use the win98 to get what I wanted, so I installed DOS 6.22 which wiped the pc (I was going to donate to charity anyway). It used the msbackup for the restore. I rebuild the catalog and it asked me to do a repair. Everything looked good..even asked which directories and showed files that I wanted to restore, BUT then got the message that the file had been saved with DOS 6.0 or 6.2 and could not be restored. I have packed up the pc, and have decided that probably I could have researched and rekeyed the data quicker than trying to find a fix. If I had the old ROOTS IV software, it might possible have had the right DOS built into it, but I tried for a week with google searches, ebay, etc and could never find the program. Thanks for all the suggestions and the download. At least I know that my pc is clean of my personal data to be given away. Do you need the win 98 upgrade that I have? It was used once, has the cd with key and book still in the original box.

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  3. There’s some roots IV stuff on this commsoft ftp image site

    However, I don’t think the installation program is there. Check the 00index.txt file.

    Otherwise, I couldn’t find a download site either.

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