DOS system commands not work

April 29, 2011 at 14:18:03
Specs: DOS6.20, 200 Mhz intel MMX/64 MB
Sorry, but i just can't keep off this thing!!
This computer (same as my last post *look in WIN 3.1 forum for it*) just had a hard drive glitch 30 minutes ago. the whole HDD was gone. put the HDD in my newer XP computer, ran SCANDISK twice, fixed 1 error, re-formatted the whole 2GB HDD in FAT type and put it back into the other older computer. reinstalled DOS6.20 on it, haven't got to WIN 3.1yet. I typed "EDIT" [without quotes] to edit the AUTOEXEC and CONFIG files for a CD driver and the OS freezes up. the blinking underscore moves one line, stops there, and I can't do anything. not a total freeze-up, the cursor still blinks, but can't make it do anything. tried "HELP" and "QBASIC" commands after resetting the computer, same thing. possibly a copy problem in DOS Setup?

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April 29, 2011 at 20:53:02
Especially with older machines it's always best to partition and format the drive in the computer in which it's to be used. So you might want to delete and recreate the partition with the dos 6.2 fdisk and then format. You can boot up with disk 1 and then exit the setup process to do that.

I guess you're using the disks I sent. I can resend EDIT and QBASIC if you think they might be corrupted.

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April 30, 2011 at 18:55:11
"Especially with older machines it's always best to partition and format the drive in the computer in which it's to be used."

Absolutely. Not all machines will see the same "disk-geometry" for a given drive. While doing so, you may also want to consider partitioning the drive off into several drives to save space due to drive-slack:

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May 2, 2011 at 13:08:26
Well....... Everything is alright (WIN 3.1 installs fine, all programs are good) the only thing wrong is all DOS preloaded programs. booted comp from a floppy, erased drive and FDISK'ed it, (total capacity: 1.97 GB) ran the DOS setup and formatted it, reinstalled it, still, all DOS preloaded programs freeze up. (COPY, MOVE and all file related commands work, just individual ones) try sending me a copy of QBASIC that your sure it works and i'll try it. it's possible that i may have some bad floppy disks. (I think i may of left a magnet on them) send me a PM and i'll send you my E-mail in a PM. (DAVEINCAPS, you already have it. you e-mailed me the DOS disk.)

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