Dos based 1024 x 768 vga driver

Dell Latitude d600 notebook
July 7, 2012 at 01:01:07
Specs: Dos 6.2, 1.6 Mhz/1G
Need a DOS 1024 x 768 VGA driver to run a very old CAD program.

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July 7, 2012 at 01:20:52
ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 Graphics Chip, there is no specific driver par-se but it may be worth trying:

Scitech Univbe 6.7 and Display Doctor 6.53
VBEHz v2.23

Googling is quicker than waiting for an answer....

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July 7, 2012 at 15:27:43
Also try the support site for your cad software (if it's still around). Most software providers had their own dos video drivers, if they felt they were necessary.

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July 10, 2012 at 15:21:53
Hi Chalkperson,

presumably you have a video card and the driver(s) you require would have come with it.

If this is correct, please advise the make and full model number of your video card.

From memory, (depending on the driver's options) you can set the driver to operate the monitor in a number of different modes. Also you can switch inflight. e.g to run an old cga or ega game.

The tag says Dell Latitude Notebook, and if you are trying to run a cad application on this it seems strange. Also a dos driver just may not be available for such.

Good Luck - Keep us posted.

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July 21, 2012 at 12:37:31
Laptop Dell D610 with ATI Radeon X300 chip. Have put two partitions on it. Dos 6.2 on C: and Win XP on D:. Had to do this this as the old ROBOCAD needs to see the parallel port free for a physical dongle. If run in windows it cant see it. This configuration works O.K, but with drawbacks - 1/ low res not ideal. 2/ Need to convert old files created by this old CAD to DXF files which can be read by more modern CAD programs. The old ROBOCAD has this function, but when DXF file is read by the newer ones, the lines are all over the place. I believe this is because of using the low res. If I select any higher res selection from the list provided during installation of the old CAD, the laptop simply locks up when the program is run.
Thanks for looking at it for me. Just want a driver for this chip which I can put on a floppy 3.5, then I can re-install and select "Third Party Driver" in this list. This is all for an old friend (70+), who does not want to have to learn a new CAD system from scratch.Ta.

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