Dos 6.22 operating system

Eidos Just cause 2 (xbox 360)
April 27, 2010 at 01:18:02
Specs: Windows XP
how to use DOS 6.22 change directory commands when more than 8 characters for one folder name

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April 27, 2010 at 05:39:30
"OS: Windows XP
Product: Eidos Just cause 2 (xbox 360)"

Not obvios what that has to do with 6.22 but it might help to give more info.

And it might not.

The are no file names [nor 'folders'] longer than 8 chars in DOS 6.22 and earlier.

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April 27, 2010 at 21:13:39
If you're viewing a folder in 6.22 with a long file name (created with a 32-bit OS) then you'd use the CD followed by whatever folder name it shows.

For folders (or files) with long file names viewed in dos 8.3 format the name will be truncated to no more than the first 6 characters followed by a ~ and a number. Using that method, if there are several files with the same 6 characters then the number following the ~ will be different. So:


If there are more than 9 names using that format then for the tenth to 99th name the sixth letter is dropped so the above name would become THISF~10.TXT

But you can't always be sure which file (or folder) is specified by that method because dos organizes the numbers in its own way.

If the file or folder has less 8 or less characters then it has the same name both in an LFN OS and in 8.3 dos. Well, except if there's a space in the name.

In the event the name has a space in it that space is ignored and the first 6 characters are used followed by the ~ and a number. So:


For names with spaces having 8 or less characters you still use the ~ followed by a number. So:

AB CD.TXT becomes ABCD~1.TXT

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