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Solved Can I Stop Memory Test?

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I haven’t used DOS in a long time, but I’ve just installed Dos 6.22 on a USB flash drive, and I have 2 questions.

1. On boot-up I get a “HIMEM testing extended memory…” message. In the old days when memory was measured in Mbs, it didn’t take long. At least, not that I recall. But if I run it in my modern PC with 4Gb of memory it takes up to a minute. Is there a way of stopping it doing that test?

2. I installed DOS from floppies, which set the partition size as 500Mb. But it’s an 8Gb stick. Can I still use the rest for storage, via Windows or Linux?

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  1. You can edit the line in config.sys that loads himem.sys. For example, assuming himem.sys is located in C:\DOS then the line in config.sys would read:


    Some application show a space between the command and the switch:


    but in dos that space is optional; either way works.

    Oh and about the partition size. 6.22 can accomodate up to a 2 gig partition. I don’t know why it only set up at 500 meg on yours unless it has something to do with how you got it installed on a USB stick. You would have had to do a non-traditional install to get it on a USB drive. But yes, you can use the remaining space by partitioning it as separate drives–assuming there’s not a problem with it being on a USB stick.

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