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Y41p Codec Is Needed To Play Old Video

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I recorded some video on my old Dell laptop through the Dell Webcam program. Apparently it recorded it with the Y41P video codec, which is not recognized in any program I’ve tried to use to play it (including VLC, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player).

I can’t find the Y41P codec anywhere online.

1) Anyone know where I can find the codec?
2) Is there any way to convert the video file to another format/codec without first having the Y41P codec?



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  1. There seems to be no evidence that a playable file was ever produced. If it didn’t play on the laptop originally then it is likely that a dud and unplayable file was produced at the outset.
    An avi file is quite commonplace. It is not normally necessary to be play it back with the same codec that produced it.

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