windows media player has encountere

HELP January 25, 2009 at 20:17:37
Specs: Windows XP, .
Please some1 help me...

Everytime i click on a video file (AVI) in this case i get this message "windows media player has encountered a problem and needs to close. i have tried many things to resolve this but still the problem persists, i downloaded cucusoft converter recently and ever since then ive had the problem, ive deleted all cucusoft files and have used shellexview to disable video thumbnail extractor i did this because along with the above error message i was also receiving 2 others one was "windows explorer has encountered an error and muct close" and the other was about "dr watson debugger" since i have disabled the video extractor i do not get those 2 error messages anymore, but i still get the origional media player error message, ive tried pretty much everything, i have used hijack this and have a log of the scan but i have no idea wot im looking at and dont want to mess about with deleting files or nething, would be grateful for some1 to help me :)

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January 25, 2009 at 20:50:24
I think I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the Media Player. You can do this by going to Add or Remove Programs > Add/Remove Window's Programs.

Personally I don't care for the Windows Media Player. You might consider trying some better players like: Media Player Classic or VLC Player.

FWIW to XP users: When you click on the 'Command Prompt' you are just causing the 'Command prompt' to be displayed. This prompt gives you access to NTVDM.EXE, the 'NT Virtual DOS Manager'.

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January 26, 2009 at 13:22:35
None of my media players are working, i have tried realplayer, media player classic, quicktime, and the same message comes up for all of them just with a different player at the front "media player classics and encountered and error and must close" any more ideas??

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