Solved What is the clear definition of 3D?

August 7, 2011 at 10:28:41
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Hi people
I was wondering about the clear meaning of "3D" or "3D animation". I know its about seeing images on your PC like its REAL and punching into your face. But does it hace to do with your type of PC, or its just the DVD / CD that you insert ?
In other words, is it a software needed to be installed on your PC in order to see it as 3D, or is it depended on the CD you watch?
Also, is there other words or more clearer words to use instead of 3D or 3D animation?

i'd appreciate you sharing your knowledge in this field

Also please share with me what is the clear definition of 3g, is it the same as 3D or something else.

Thanks in advance

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August 8, 2011 at 07:47:01
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3D requires a special screen or combination of screen and glasses. The idea of 3d is to send a slightly different image to each eye so that it gives the impression of depth. Some systems work well, other can just result in a headache! As well as the special screen you also need an image/animation/film that has been created in 3d - essentially using two cameras at slightly different angles to give the effect when it's converted back to a screen image for your eyes.

For more in-depth explanations, try googling '3d image', '3d animation' or '3d films'.

3g is nothing to do with 3d, it is a transmission technology used for mobile phones - it stands for '3rd generation'.

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