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Solved What Is The Best Video Converter Without Loosing Quality?

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Hi friend….i have an older of video graphic that 32 MB..i download some HD video with 1080 that my computer play it to slow with pause in play..i converted some HD videos to MKV with 720 X 576 i converted some videos with ( Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 6 ) and some others with ( Format factory) but it loose quality with those two different software that i need to know what is the best video converter to convert those HD Videos to high quality video without loosing quality please i need your helps..or how to convert those HD videos to what format with what pixel and with which ratio and which KB?
thank you so much


1 Answer

  1. I agree with Derek on Super Media Converter, it’s free and one of the best.

    When you reduce a video from a higher resolution to a lower one, of course it’s going to loose quality.

    A graphic card with 32 Meg’s of memory is way under par for trying to view 1080 HD videos. I’m not going to get into why it can’t do 1024X768 videos, there are way too many variables such as file format, compression ratio, etc.

    bottom line, you need a better video card, or download Super and experiment with resolution and compression until you find a good balance between what your card will play and what’s acceptable quality.

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