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Solved Webcam On Pavilion DV6 Is Lost To Laptop After Windows 10 Upgrade

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my hp pavilion lost my hp truevision hd webcam after windows 10 upgrade,windows can not locate my webcam or the drivers to install it,wich is really dissapointing was one of the greatest things about my pc,how can i rectify this issue, please help me!


1 Answer

  1. Download & install the Windows 10 drivers for your laptop model from the HP support website.

    You will need to know the full model number as there are many different models in the DV6 range and they all require different drivers. There should be some more numbers and/or letters after “DV6”. Look underneath the laptop for a sticker.

    Then, For UK models, go here:

    For models purchased in other countries, scroll down to bottom of page and click where it says “United Kingdom” on the left.

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