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Videos Won’t Play Properly Anymore — All Are Extreme Closeup

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Today, when I play any video with Media Player, everything is in ‘extreme’ close-up … if I play anything on youtube, same thing. I have no idea why; how do I put it back to normal?


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  1. I don’t use windows media player so I can’t say for sure. This might help:…

    If it’s not WMP, what are you using to view them?

    As far as the youtube videos, if you’re viewing them with IE there is a zoom feature. With an IE page open (on my old IE8) it’s just above the windows taskbar on the bottom of the screen. I imagine other browsers have similar abilities.

    However, the browser zoom would affect all pages, not just youtube, so that might not be the problem. And as I mentioned above, it may be a video setting too.

    If you can’t get it figured out and others don’t post in with a solution you might check to see if you have a restore point from just before the problem started. If so you can restore to that date and likely fix the problem as I’m sure it’s a setting somewhere.

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