Vanishing AVI files!

May 3, 2011 at 09:06:30
Specs: Windows 7/Vista
Here's a tricky one - I have no idea what to do. I had some movie files in avi format from a camera on a memory card. Started watching one on VLC player on my laptop (running win7 if that's relevant) and half way through the file crashed. VLC then refused to play any of the avi files.
I removed the card and rebooted the computer but the avi files had been broken into .ati and .hpe files (whatever they are) with filenames made of strange characters. I then tried putting the card into the PC (Vista) and the scan and fix window appeared. I thought it couldn't do any harm, maybe it would fix the broken files, but instead they all disappeared and were replaced with a 32k file with the same name as the original folder.
The path for the avi files was j:\DCIM\100MEDIA but after the scan and fix, one file named 100MEDIA was all that remained in the DCIM folder. However, right click-properties on the j drive as a whole showed about 2 gb of contents, which suggests that the files are lurking invisibly somewhere.
What can I do?
(NB I have copied the entire drive into a folder on the hard drive and since then reformatted the memory card, which now works fine again for recording. The folder on the HD is defintely the same size as it was on the card).

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May 20, 2011 at 06:11:26
You shouldnt be watching films from memory cards anyway. They are not made for that purpose. They are a quick read write device and should not be accessed constantly over a long period of time. my guess is that because the memory card is not made for long read write purposes, it got corrupted. thats it, i might be incorrect but from what i have read in the past and seen this is my conclusion.

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