To obtain playable TV copy of ISO image file

Hewlett-packard / 6710b desktop
August 28, 2011 at 04:14:59
Specs: Windows Vista, D/Core 2.2 Ghz/ 2.0GB
Can I copy/convert/ an ISO image file to DVD to play on a dvd player like a normal video DVD. My editing program 'VideoPad' has made a pretty huge 35GB ISO image file which plays on the computer ok about 60 minutes long. I have written the same file to DVD copies to outputs such as Computer/data discs >3.3GB as .avi's but they are still ISO files I believe. These play on the computer too but my player doesn't recognize the DVD's at all, since it's not a computer and can't read like one either. I assumed that there would have been an output 'back to tape' or to dvd playable video but no. This program outputs to MP3's, Youtube etc but not to the above for some reason.
The finished edited product which I saved to my hard drive is as above ie 35GB's ..... and my guess is, it's made up of multible copies of the same file, plus short clips copied from the same source edited to the original. I have spent weeks on this project and don't want to repeat this editing again unless I really have to with a 'better' program which can output to tape at least.
... assistance greatly appreciated.

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August 28, 2011 at 06:12:04
Thanks for your response .... nothing as yet relates to my problem but thanks.

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August 28, 2011 at 08:51:55

A thank you would be nice, if I have helped.

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August 29, 2011 at 22:38:18
Clive, thanks .... wasn't sure what/why you were sending me off to the internet site for as I had had a good look previously and still couldn't find what I was looking for 'exactly'
My problem seems to be a huge 35GB of this ISO file, made up of similar video stuff but the final saved 'huge' file is too big naturally to copy, so it won't let me copy.

I think I have to remove some of the video 'copies' used to manufacture the 'saved final file' so that the size can be reduced enough danger here though I would say but what options do I have ??

Ultimatly I can see that I'm going to have to recreate my family movie again but not with 'videoPad' which has caused this problem by their use of saving the files as instructions and not video copies. The ISO copy which I have burnt in every which way takes up about 3.3GB's just as I would have thought and as I have recorded many times before with WMM who aren't into this and my files might be too long/big for 'WMMLive' ...again won't let me.

The ISO file plays nicely on a computer .... but I don't want to use the computer to play these files, much rather a TV.

So somehow I have to reduce the file to 4.7 Gb's roughly. The V/Pad wouldn't allow me to save to tape either, just seems to be computer type playing 'files/DVD's.'

Why would anyone want ISO files only for their computer alone ...for only their own enjoyment ? may be ok as long as you have alternatives, which I haven't far ?

So really thankful for your interest and support, cheers

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August 29, 2011 at 23:59:25
Firstly, are you sure that it is an iso file that has been created? You cannot usually 'play' iso files directly on your pc as they are a single file image and need extracting before you can do anything. I don't know VideoPad personally but it does appear that it is the problem (is it VideoPad that you use to play the iso?)

Just out of interest, use an iso extractor to see if the files can be accessed, (7-zip or WinRAR can do the job). If you get an error message then you don't have a burnable iso file.

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August 30, 2011 at 05:37:27
johnr, firstly thanks for your efforts ... i'm sure that they /it is an ISO file but will check although I seem to have one burn't as a MDX file too, tried another option ... and that file was only 850 mb not even a GB so not too sure what that is and will try in my tv later. Have burnt a 'final version' of the file to the hard drive, plus a few to DVD's (run on the computer ok) and was particularly careful in saving the file, slightly different name to the others, which I can re-load to videopad but it takes about an hour, again if I need to, as i don't think that other editors would recognize it but will try it with others anyway. Probably end up in that cloud that they are starting to talk about now.
I understand ISO files as image files, which could be made up of more than one file, but which need a computer to process them/it. I think it's stupid of VideoPad to adopt the system of using file data inlieu of clips and also for not providing a output to tape for the edited master. The image files that I've burnt are about 3.3GB but wont play as you know on the Tv. I had no trouble with WindowMM and produced some stunning stuff of aroud the 1 hour mark >4gb ....similar to this.

Again thanks johnr ...will give it a go

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September 14, 2011 at 21:28:24
To enable your ISO files to play on dvd player/tv try the following because it's worked for me. Refer to my previous comments above to understand the problems that I had trying to open ISO files and the like produce a playable dvd on the tv.
My 'image disc' (playable on my computer) dvd of my edited 1 hour video recording was approx 3.2gb's and sat comfortably on a dvd. The actual ISO movie file on the hard drive was a huge 36gb's so that couldn't be copied to a playable dvd which can hold appros 4.7gb's.
I initially tried to open the ISO file or convert them to a suitable format for producing a play version but wasn't able to find the right processes ..... but then, many weeks later I tried another tack...
I started looking for freeware dvd to dvd copy & convert program and a number of them said that they could convert the files to avi format.
I selected and downloaded a program called E.M. DVD Copy, may need to confirm this at some point. I placed the 'image' disc in the dvd drive and the program popped open's very simple and easy to use, and within 15 minutes or so the image disc was ejected and it requested a new writable disc be inserted. Again within a fairly short time the new disc had been written to ...... this newly created dvd was placed in the dvd player and it started to autoplay straight .....amazing, and the quality was more than I had hoped for ..... it really made my day/weeks month.
E.M. DVD copy is a very simple program that does what we all want in a straight forward way and works without hiccups my situation anyway. The 'bought' program option will off course do many more things than just copy and convert dvd's to disc and I would happily buy this version for my future use simply because it appears to be exactly what I wanted and does what it says it will do .... without strings. I'm only recommending it because it worked for me saved my bacon and hopefully yours too.
Copy/convert your ISO 'image' disc with a program that will convert to avi or something similar .... mine now plays and I can delete my 36gb file forthwith
regards to all and pass this on if it has helped you too as this is why I have written this explanation.

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