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PC to TV video/audio

Toshiba / A15-s129
February 21, 2010 at 12:05:33
Specs: xp, 2.4 / 1g
Please indulge ignorant questions from a techno-challenged senior citizen; I have two:

1. I want to buy a new 42" LCD TV and use it to view "youtube" and DVDs. I also plan to buy a netbook PC for travel. I have a couple years old Acer desktop and an 8 yrs old Toshiba laptop.

I'm wondering about hookups that will work. I think I can take a cable from the blue multi-pin plug on any of the computers mentioned above--including acouple of the netbooks I looked at in the store--and send the video to the new TV. I know that my Toshiba laptop only has a headphone output, and sending that through my stereo gives pretty poor sound. If I use the Acer desktop with the new TV, I think that I can take the speaker output from the Acer to my stereo, and get good sound. Is that correct?

Finally, some of the netbooks have an HDMI output. will that provide both video and audio to the new TV? Or is it possible to say perhaps plug the Comcast cable into my new netbook and connect the HDMI of the netbook to the HDMI of the new TV and connect the audio from the TV to the aux in of my stereo?

Thanks, Jim

Thanks for the help.

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February 21, 2010 at 14:44:20
You can use the blue vga cable to show what is on a pc, on a
TV. You will need another audio cable to get sound to play
through the tv.

I'm pretty sure, HDMI has audio & video.

Perhaps you might want to consider this when buying a
particular tv.

Most TV's now have a usb port, my sony kdl37w5500 will play
MPEG1 videos direct from a usb drive,
My friends Samsung LED will play HD movies from a usb

Also, most tv's have a network port. The sony has something
called Applicast, this has widgets, From what I understand, &
I am still learning, this means in future, you will be able the
play Youtube videos on your tv.

Have a look at the above link, & search that forum for more

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