Old Digital Camera won't connect to OS for DL

September 17, 2010 at 21:05:24
Specs: Windows 98 SE, Celeron 300MHz/80MB
I found this old America Online PhotoCam Plus at a friend's house today...I just grabbed it on the fly and asked if I could mess with it. Looked around, saw that it took low resolution images (which is something I've been looking for), and was so pumped...till I saw that it didn't take any standard connector.

Well, not necessarily. There's a Type I CF slot on the bottom (I only have a Type II, even worse, the max storage is 32MB expansion...), a miniature TV out, a DC 5v input, a jack that's labeled digital, and a full size USB A port. So, my guess was to hook it directly up. I messed with an old USB extender cable till I got it to fit right and plugged it in my Windows 7 box. it detected something, but failed to install drivers. I went looking for drivers on the camera, and found some XP drivers. After fiddling with no success, I found a note that said the driver was for serial port only (which probably is what the digital port was for). I went looking some more, and found the drivers for Windows 98, the USB connection. So I install the driver pack, restart, and connect the camera. Detects, picks up the driver, installs TWAIN control...except I don't have the advertised MGI PhotoSuite SE for use in extracting the pictures from the camera. But I should be able to use something else, right? like Word/Powerpoint, or paint or any program that can access TWAIN devices like Scanners... But no, it didn't work.

It seems that Win 2k is the best bet, with its mix of modern and classic, not to mention having a specific driver built for it, but I don't have a good testbed computer to install 2k on ATM. I'm just wondering what the heck to do.

I noticed that in the Scanners and Cameras dialog box, it defaults to having the camera on NO port, making it unavailible. But when I try to add it manually, it can't choose USB as a port. Why!? I've had this problem of the classic OS' not being able to use a USB connection as a port for printing, scanning, and the like. So, is there anything I can do? (besides wait for 3 days while my friend gets back from a trip so I can scavenge his house for the missing cords? ><;)

Just a bit too reto

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September 18, 2010 at 04:48:03

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