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KMplayer – How To Change The Size Of The Texts On Screen

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I’m not talking about subtitles.
I wanted to know how to change the size of the texts on screen, like when you press “Tab” button and it shows the information of the video file but they are really small and hard to read, or the text on the upper left side of the screen showing you the percentage of the volume but it’s so small I can’t even read it in full screen!

since I’m here, how do I assign a default screen size for the player? I remember the older version(which I was using until now) had an option in the screen menu of the options to assign a default screen size and if you close your player in a bigger or smaller size, the next time you launch it, the player will be in the pre-assigned size.

I know how to change the size of the subtitles, but that doesn’t affect the texts I’m talking about.


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  1. I hope you find your answer but after that I think it would best to move on to something like VLC player which is most versatile.

    Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks

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