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Solved I Have 4000 Photos. How Many DVD’s Will It Take To Hold All

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Would flash drives be better than DVD’s? I have 4000+ pics I want to burn to CD’s, or DVD’s, or whatever media would be best. A stick (flash drive) perhaps? Sending as presents to children.


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  1. Certainly not a pen drive as they are not reliable enough and are therefore only suitable for short-term storage.

    DVD media is the best option.

    The number of pics you have is not the real issue, it’s their total size in megabytes which will determine how many blank DVDs you will need, but for arguments sake let’s say each JPEG file is 500 kilobytes:

    500 Kb x 4000 = 2,000,000 Kb = 1,954 MB = 1.9 GB

    In the above example, your 4000 pics will easily fit on a single-layer 4 GB DVD.

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