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Solved How To View Photos In TEC Files? & How To Recover Lost Files

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Took a few 100 photos on android phone (HTC Wildfire), stored on micro sd card. Now trying to view on laptop (windows 7). have tried sd adapter. Now trying using usb adapter. Photos seem to be stored as Tec files. Laptop could not open. Looked online for download to open tec files. Tried to download Winrar. It wouldnt finish downloading , wanted me to also have cleanup download, so I cancelled it. It took quite a few attempts to cancel the download. Now I find some of my photos have moved to Lost Files folder, won’t open and I dont know how to recover them. The remaining files are still there as Tec files apart from one which now says its an Arc file. Have downloaded Freearc but it won’t do anything as it says the file either isnt an arc file or else it is corrupted. Have then tried safely removing micro sd card from laptop and putting it back into phone. The phone now can’t open the photos (it could before): it actually says there are no photos there! AAAGH!! Likewise, put same micro sd into tablet (photos were fine on tablet earlier today) and tablet now also says No Photos There !!! AAAAGGGHHHH! what have I done and how do I get my precious photos back?? They are once in a lifetime shots and I took them for a dear friend. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!! THANKS!!!


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  1. You should have continued on your other post. I answered on your other one but it was obviously a waste of time because now I have stumbled across this additional information.

    Sounds like it was a bad card or you have somehow managed to corrupt it. Your only hope is a recovery program using your computer. See this free program:

    As I said before, forget those strange file types – your photo’s would have been standard jpg files that are used on about all phones, cameras and computers.

    Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks

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