Golfs most important 3 secs Captured on Video

July 8, 2010 at 16:31:29
Specs: Windows XP

Immediate replay of the final 3 seconds in slo-mo - For all the Golfers

The only controllable segment when videoing a Golf Swing is the END. By turning OFF recording you enable the software to play just the final 3 seconds (the Swing) in slow motion. What a simple solution to recording and playing back a multitude of golf swings (90+ per tournament) TIMES 2 camcorders: one behind and one across.

Golf swing clips can range from 3 to 15 or 20 seconds. Not that long but if played back in slow motion. It becomes way too long. A major New Feature of this software solved that. (it plays just the final 3 secs slo-mo) Now the nearly 200 video clips are set to play. Full speed and the 3-sec Slo-Mo

Within minutes of leaving the course. That video is up and playing on a large screen while the participants are having their supper and awards. The video files are all loaded & running off a 2GB USB stick. They just loved it.

If you use your video record button like THIS there will always be something worth showing in Slo-Mo right near the end. This measure of control over LIVE video events is better than nothing.

What a wack'em smack'em screen saver This is. Random video from 2 tournaments (nearly 400 shots) Full speed and Slow-motion of the last 3 seconds. Pure action.

When things can be done this fast. It's got to be simple and is. Nobody does golf swing slo-mo video playback faster than this. Nobody.

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August 3, 2010 at 17:05:38
Bring on the CamCorderCaddy

With Golf tournament videos being so easy to do. The next step should be to CamcorderCaddy a round with 2 or 3 golfers. How easy that would be. Their USB sticks would be loaded and ready to run showing their compete round with the last 3-secs in Slo-Mo. Within 20 minutes they will have all their putts, chips, drives and after hole comments and jabs. How much would that be worth $$$. How much fun that will be. How come nobody is doing this? Because they can't.

Bring on the CamCorderCaddy

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August 26, 2010 at 08:43:03
More video control with the on/off switch

While showing those golf video clips after the supper; a number of golfers wanted to see their swing. But at the time we couldn't easily do that. They were just 2 video clips in among 180 or so. Now there is a SOLUTION.

By creating an extremely short video as each group approaches the Tee (maybe showing a whiteboard containing the flight# and player names?); the program will use that as a "group break point". That will now allow for the golfer to indicate which group they were in from the tournament sheet and we can replay their video and those of the rest of the players in that group. It will also enable us to play the videos random by group. For the Barrel racing it will randomly replay the video group for each racer. During this event we shut the camcorder off and immediately switch it back on after the horse and rider round each barrel. Randomly playing just part of the run wouldn't be the same.

Here is what a respondent from another Forum said:

this is an honest-to-God useful feature. I've often wished the shuffle function on music devices could be made to work this way. The reason is that I mainly listen to classical music. Much of that music is divided into movements, with each movement being a separate track. The movements themselves are not independent, however, and in sequence form the complete work. So I'd like to be able to say, for instance, "Play all my Beethoven pieces in a random order", and have Symphony #6 followed by Piano Concerto #5 rather than Symphony #6, movement II followed by Piano Concerto #5, movement I.

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