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Cannot connect wireless for D-Link camera DCS-5020L

D-link Dcs-5020l network camera - color...
May 20, 2017 at 09:47:10
Specs: Windows 7, i7
For D-Link camera DCS-5020L, Firmware version 1.14, Windows 7 SP1

I am fairy knowledgeable IT professional, and I cannot get the wireless to work for this camera. I ran the setup program, the wireless scan will not find my network. I put it the connection details manually and it says it connects, and the setup program if run again can find the camera by wireless, but the web UI will not load on the address it says in the setup program.

I have set my wireless network to WPA2-PSK and set the camera to the same using the setup tool. I have set the camera to a static IP (tried DHCP first with same results).

The web UI works perfectly on the address from the setup tool IF I connect the ethernet cable. As soon as I unplug the ethernet (as it says to do in the setup), the web UI will not load not matter what I do unless I plug the ethernet back in. Wireless does not seem to function properly.

Strangely enough, when connected by ethernet, the web UI "Site survey" does find the wireless network properly, even though the setup tool cannot. However, when connecting to the wireless network here, the "Wireless Status" will never show a loaded MAC address and Link always says "No". If I connect from here and unplug, same thing, web UI becomes unresponsive until ethernet is plugged back in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I will have to return them... I have purchased two devices with the same problem. Thanks!

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May 21, 2017 at 03:14:58
Have you followed the directions here:

Doing the best I can here... And remember, there's always more than one path to success. :)

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May 1, 2018 at 20:35:44
had the same problem status: no
tried everything possible - name it.. i tried it...
threw it in a box and bought four cheap vimtag ones that connect no problem and have higher def, and two way communication... never looking back... dlink has been nothing but prolems... that camera would go down every single day... had these vimtags for two years now and have not gone done once yet.. knock on wood... NOT ONCE!!!

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