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Burning AVI to DVD - AVI not viewable

March 22, 2011 at 00:18:28
Specs: Windows 7
I regularly burn AVI files direct to DVD as data files - our DVD player will read these and play the AVI quite happily. It allows me to get lots more video onto a DVD than if I changed the AVIs into DVD format first.

But I've recently got a few AVIs that play fine on my laptop or my desktop - but when I burn them to DVD, they don't play properly on my DVD player. The sound works fine, but the video doesn't - It will show a frame (while the audio is going fine in the background) for 5-10 seconds, then leap to another frame, then show that one for a while, then a new frame, and so on. So I basically get one frame every 5-15 seconds of video. It's not a bad DVD (because other AVIs on the same DVD play fine), and it's not a bad burn (because I've re-burned the files a couple of times, and they're always the same).

Anyone got any idea why this is? And what I can do to fix it so the AVIs play happily after being burned to DVD as data files?

Thanks for any help.

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March 22, 2011 at 14:17:12
It might be a codec problem. The AVI container can be used with a number of different codecs, such as DV, XVID, DIVX, just to name a few. I'm guessing that your DVD player supports some (probably DIVX, at the least), but not all available codecs. Obviously, you have the necessary codecs on your machine (to play the ones the DVD player doesn't like).

Download and install Gspot. Use it to determine which codecs are being used in both the non-working videos, and the working ones. If you find that the non-working vids use a codec that none of the working ones use, you'll have to convert them. VirtualDub allows you to choose the codecs for both audio and video (from any installed on your computer). For your purposes, I'd stick with the DIVX codec (for video).

VirtualDub is open-source, so you can download it free of charge. Gspot is freeware, so again,no cost involved.

Please let us know if you found someone's advice to be helpful.

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