VCR tape played older recorded image

November 4, 2011 at 22:41:43
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Not really stating a problem. There was a thread from 2010 that is now locked. I found it via a google search. There was a question I had searched on, and found, if it was possible to recover an earlier recording on a VCR tape that had been recorded over, and I have a response to that.

The answer is maybe. If the 2nd recording is not perfectly aligned to the first, then you can see the background recording, but the quality will not be good, it will look like the tracking is way off, but the images are quite discernible as is the sound. I know this through a mistake in my VCR tonight where I went to play a tape recorded from a few nights ago and it wasn't there, instead, I got something else from weeks ago. I set it aside, looked at other tapes thinking I had the wrong tape. Then re-round the tape in question, played it again, and voila, it played corrected, no error, no tracking issues, and it showed a different speed. Somehow, it must have had a temporary glitch in the electronics or something that skewed the tracking, and it also went to a different speed...that part is key, I suspect. The two recordings need to be at different speeds. So all this to say if my recorder could play an old recording by error, then certainly there is sophisticated equipment out there that can recover old tracks, or maybe pieces of them.

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November 4, 2011 at 23:49:51
i think when the VCR erased the old data it not erased completely the VCR erased the data located at the surface of the tape and a part of old data still deep in tape
so it become like there are two layer so when changing speed and volt of reading head
it change Sensitivity to read the magnetic field located deep in the tape that's contain the old data.

it's like that technology using in DVD double layer .

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November 5, 2011 at 06:14:56
Normally when a recording is done on a VCR the old recording is gone with no chance of recovery. Before the video data is recorded the tape passes the erase head which effectively erases all data. But sometimes the erase head will become dirty and the previous data is not erased. Since the new data is unlikely to be aligned with the previous data you would then see portions of the old video. Alignment of the video heads with the tape data is controlled by the data on the control track.Since the old and new control track will differ somewhat the playback of the old video will not be consistent.

These comments are based on years of servicing video equipment.

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