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Type Of Cable For Creative Cs120?

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Hai people. I Bought an old speakers “Creative Cs-120”, but, it comes to me without the “cable” to plug it into my audiocard. Now, I’ll buy this cable, but, I Don’t know waht is the type of the cable for this speaker. Is RCA? Coaxial? Well, I’m confused.

I’ll apreciate if you help me. Thanks.


2 Answers

  1. Though I don’t think it’ll work 100%.…

    This type of cable should get you some sound. I still believe that you’ll only get sound out of one speaker. If so then perhaps you should look into other speakers.

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  2. I have the same speaker but my left speaker isn’t connected internally but with a plug in your mystery output. try to open the speaker and find a R, L and ground on the the bottum of the print. their you can connect an input cable.

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