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Solved Samsung Blu Ray System Time Updating

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I keep getting the system time updating warning on my Samsung Blu Ray BDJ5100. I just purchased it 2 weeks ago. It will not connect to any apps. I have read numerous forums and have tried the following:

Unplugging everything
Hard reset
Updating my firmware on my router
Updating any software on the Samsung player
Talking with tech support at Samsung
Talking with tech support for my internet provider

None of these have worked and no one has any answers on how to fix this.

I tried looking at my Firewall settings for my cisco router, but cannot find anything that talks about ports 123.

Does anyone have any advice on what to try or more indepth instructions about changing my Firewall as suggested in previous threads?


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  1. See this thread:…

    So you need to re-configure your router. Can’t explain in detail since it depends on your router model which you haven’t specified. Ask a knowledgeable friend to do it for you.

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