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NAS Streaming To New Samsung TV

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I have a netgear router with ReadyShare and an attached 2tb hard drive with my video library stored on it. I just purchased a new Samsung LED-LCD tv with Smart Hub. I want to be able to view my videos stored on my external hard drive through my network to my new tv.

However, when I go to view my videos through the smart hub feature on the tv, only some of the videos and folders stored on the NAS are visible. For some reason, not all the videos are showing up. If i connect the hard drive directly to the tv via the tv usb port, I can see all of the videos and folders, but going through the router and network, not all the videos show up.

Any thoughts on why all the videos and folders won’t show up when I go through the router/network? Only the first 30 or so videos appear, the rest I can’t see.

Thanks for the help


1 Answer

  1. I have a Sam LE40C650 although its supposed to be DLNA, I had the same problem.

    You will probably find, the videos will play ok through the usb port.

    But your best bet, might be to install serviio

    A thank you would be nice, if I have helped.

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