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Solved Laptop Monitor Turns Black When I Plug Vga Output In

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I was trying to get my screen to display onto my big lcd tv. I right clicked and chose output to>>>>monitor

problem is whenever i plug the vga plug into my laptop the screen goes blank and the tv isnt recieving any signal so I cant even troubleshoot anything any more since i cant click anything while it is plugged in. I got a response on the tv finally but it was black.. which is exactly what my laptop screen is displaying.

I would just switch the display “output to” setting back to normal the problem is I cant access that option unless it is plugged in. And when I plug it in the screen is black. Im stuck


1 Answer

  1. Restart laptop & immediately keep tapping F8 to bring up Advanced Startup Menu.

    Highlight “Last known good configuration”

    Press <Enter>

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