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Solved I’ve Harmony 350 But it Won’t Change Inputs On Receiver.

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i’ve denon 2000 X

now everything is working fine but the option to control which input is being used by the receiver (can’t change from cable/tv to game for example)

i couldn’t find a way to do it in the software too…

when i click on “input” it changes the tv’s inputs and not the reciever’s

did i installed the right software? (MyHarmony)

also, when i click done in the software it is just reaching 99% percent and does not complete the process..

should i find a way to tell all this to logitech? it’s hard to contact them by email… didn’t work for me… they did not have new users registration from my experience….


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  1. thanks

    so the logitech team (probably the middle east branch) wrote me back and told me they have updated my account and i should sync my remote again……..

    anyway… now i can only choose between some of the inputs with the ‘favorites’ numbers. but most of the more useful inputs are not controlled by it yet…

    i wrote them back and waiting for further assistant from them..

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