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I Cannot Connect My New Panasonic Viera To The Internet

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I cannot connect my Viera TV to the Internet. I have tried resetting the router several times, and re-setting the TV to factory settings. I have tried connecting directly with a LAN cable to no avail. I have tried numerous IP addresses, DNS addresses and default gateways without any joy at all. Connection to the wifi is straightforward, but I can’t get beyond access to the ‘home network’. Help!


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  1. It could be as simple as a firmware update. (page 66-70 in the manual) You will need to log into your router to connect with belkin’s server to see if you need an update. It will be in utilities. There is no information about firmware on the support page of your modem except the user manual. Make sure you have the protected mode off (page 44 of the manual). Try to plug directly into the TV again and look for it in the DCHP client list in the LAN settings page of your router. If your router is giving it an IP then it has to be with the TV itself. I found a firmware update page for your TV. You can put it on a USB drive and plug it into the TV and update it. Just follow the instructions on the link. At the bottom is a hyperlink to go to step 3. It explains how to update with a USB.…

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