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Solved How To Connect 2 Tvs With Each Other?!

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I bought 2 TVs. One for our living-Room and one for the Kitchen. Both backs face each other. The living-room TV is our main TV and is connected to a little room antenna. I would like to connect the TV in the living room to the kitchen TV.

I don’t ever want to use a remote-control for the kitchen. So whatever shows on the living-room TV shall be shadowed to the 2nd TV. Sometimes instead of the Antenna I hook up my Laptop to the TV (through HDMI) to watch Movies, etc.

How can I solve this problem?


1 Answer

  1. The samsung link has a download for the manual. It describes setting up audio output. Video output from the TV isn’t all that clear but it talked about using a computer as an external monitor via HDMI but that you may need to set up a separate audio connection as that connection may not pass audio.

    I suggest you download the manual and have a look at it and then maybe do a little experimenting. The manual is 224 pages but I just did a search for the word ‘output’ to get that information.

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