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home cinema wiring problem

January 10, 2012 at 01:05:33
Specs: Windows XP
i have a problem wiring a home cinema to my existing kit.
here is a list of items i would like as many as possible to play through the home cinema.

1} TV=Toshiba model 32kv501 has 1 scart socket,1 spdf digital audio socket,2 x HDMI input sockets,a VGA socket, USB socket,headphone socket, and AV video/ audio connections(the red/white/yellow RCA connections i think they are called)

2) sky plus box


4) Panasonic SC-PT90EB-K DVD home cinema system = has 1 HDMI - OUT And 1 scart socket

OK now i tried wiring hdmi from cinema to TV and scart from sky to cinema but no picture just sound.
also tried scart from cinema to TV and hdmi from sky to cinema and no picture again.

if i do scart from cinema to sky then hdmi from sky to TV i get sound and pic but no on screen menus from cinema

i can only select 1 item a time on the TV input as well.

can you tell me the best way to get both sky and Xbox to play through cinema speakers and giving on screen display from all please i am desperate?
is there something extra i need or do i need to look at a different set up open to suggestions on all accounts. thanks for reading

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January 10, 2012 at 05:33:06
According to this you have the following on the home cinema:

Input/ Output

Music Port Input 1
HDMI Out 1
Audio Input 1 (AUX)

If above is correct then take a lead from the TV Headphone Socket into the Home Cinema Audio Input.

The Sky Box is wired direct by Scart (you will need a full pin lead) lead

The XBox is wired direct by HDMI lead

The Home Cinema is wired direct by HDMI lead (I believe only the Video is sent to TV)

This is how I wired up a similar system, and had a Wii as well wired into TV by RCA lead.........

This should all be covered in the Manual !!

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