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August 22, 2019 at 22:32:52
Specs: Windows 10, Intel i7-8086k 4Ghz/64Gb
I want to buy an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) splitter and would be most appreciative if anyone here could suggest a device that would serve my purposes well. Here’s what I want to do and a description of the equipment I am using...

I use a monitor for computer work but I also use my computer to play films and send the signals to a TV. What I want to do is quickly change from the computer monitor to the TV and back again by means of the splitter, without having to unplug and plug in HDMI cables.

I am using a BenQ 32 inch monitor, model PD3200U-T and an LG OLED smart TV model OLED65C8PTA to watch my films. The signal would be going from my computer to a Yamaha AV receiver model RX-V585 and then from there to either my monitor or TV. I don’t need to use both the monitor and the TV at the same time.

My computer has a Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero (WI FI) motherboard and a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 OC Edition 6DDR6 8Gb video card. Both the motherboard and the video card are equipped with an HDMI out jack. However, I am currently using the HDMI out on the video card because I don’t seem to get any signal from the motherboard’s HDMI out. (I am wondering if there is a way to get signal simultaneously from the video card and computer HDMI outputs to both the computer monitor and the TV and then simply turn off the display that I am not using?)

As usual, whenever I try to do something that I reckon should be very simple with a computer, I am very quickly blinded by science! LOL! :)

I see that there are splitters available that have one input and two outputs and others that have one input and four or five outputs. A ‘one input and two outputs’ unit would serve my needs at present but if I had additional outputs, they might be useful in future. I would also imagine that a powered HDMI splitter would be superior to a passive splitter, in that (I assume) a powered splitter has the ability to boost the signal if need be.

I am also rather confused by HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection). I get the idea that HDCP exists as a DMR (Digital Rights Management) system to prevent people from copying digital files from video streaming services. However, I see sites where people say that HDCP can interfere with the functioning of an HDMI splitter, so I don’t want to buy an HDMI splitter only to discover that it won’t work for me I don’t use any video streaming services myself.

Given the above information, can anyone recommend a good HDMI splitter that would serve my needs? The ones I have looked at so far appear quite cheap to me, so I am not concerned about the price.

Thanks in advance for your assistance! :)

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August 23, 2019 at 08:56:52
This one was listed as best of the best on Amazon -

Any splitter, no matter how good can have issues with the DRM, it's mostly up to the receiving unit (TV or monitor) that will determine how well it works. At work, we switched from HP computers to Dell but left the HP monitors in place and we've been having issues with the monitors not working right due to the DRM.

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August 23, 2019 at 19:20:35
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Your card has 1 HDMI port + 3 DisplayPorts. You don't need an HDMI splitter, you need a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

Scratch the above. Your monitor has a DisplayPort, so all you need is a DisplayPort cable. Use HDMI for the TV, DisplayPort for the monitor.

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August 25, 2019 at 23:15:22
Thanks for your response THX 1138. (Great film by the way!)

I see that the OREI HDS HDMI splitter comes in two versions, the OREI HDS-104 and OREI HDS-108. The 104 model has one HDMI jack in and four HDMI jacks out. The 108 model has one jack in and eight jacks out. However, both versions only support up to HDMI version 1.4 and the latest HDMI version is 2.1.

I appreciate your suggestion but I don't think I would buy an OREI HDS unit because it is lagging behind the current HDMI version. I have learned in the past that with computer and video gear that it is best to stay current whenever it is possible and affordable to do so.

Thanks for making the point about the HDCP issue being dependent on the TV. Putting that fact together with other things I have read about that type of DRM, I now feel I understand it better.

Thanks again for your assistance! :)

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August 25, 2019 at 23:22:59
Thanks for your response riider.

I was aware of the DisplayPort connection to the monitor and I had tried it but noticed a significant degradation of the image quality to the monitor using DisplayPort rather than HDMI. I was hoping to be able to quickly switch between the monitor and TV using HDMI with both and have a high quality image via an HDMI connection with both.

Combining you information with the response from the other forum member THX 1138, I think I will try using DisplayPort for the monitor and HDMI for the TV. If I find that the lower quality image on the monitor using DisplayPort becomes annoying, I will reconcile myself to swapping the HDMI cables from monitor to TV and back again as needed.

Thanks for your good advice! :)

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November 8, 2019 at 07:01:18
Just get an HDMI switch box.
I have a few different ones and all are rated 2.1+

I'll reply with a few links to good ones that actually have "gain" in you video.

I have 2 pc's and 3 media devices hooked up to my flat screen.

I'm extremely picky about resolution.

Sounds like you know what you're doing, but looking for better results as I've always done!

Good Luck

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February 13, 2020 at 05:10:32

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