Connect Laptop to TV VGA RCA

September 1, 2010 at 02:44:24
Specs: Windows 7

i recently bought a new laptop and have been watching a load of videos on it. however, long periods of staring at the screen strains my eyes, so i wanted to output to my tv. so i bought this:

i stupidly thought it would be a simple 'plug it in and itll work', but far from it. i connected an old male to male RCA (the three red, white and yellow plug thing) into both the converter and the tv, the tuned to tv to the correct channel. i then plugged the converter into the laptop's VGA port.
nothing. so i went through a load of windows 7's display settings.

the only response i've seemed to get from the tv is the occasional flickering sound when i change some display settings (mostly via Fn + F4)...

all google gives me is VGA to VGA or HDMI... all i need is to get he freakin' settings...

any suggestions, or tips?
please help!!

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September 1, 2010 at 14:29:43
You don't select a channel. You need to select an input source on the tv. The quality through a RCA connection would not be high def. Also most VGA connectors on laptops do not include audio.

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September 2, 2010 at 04:59:05
by 'to the correct channel', i mean it's on 'E2', the way my tv access's the RCA sockets, i never mentioned i wanted high def, and no sound through RCA isn't the end of the world, i can just take the 3.5mm output...

anything helpful to say?

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January 2, 2012 at 01:26:23
There must be a yellow RCA jack on the TV - that's for composite video.

The video signal from the computer must go through circuitry that converts the computer's video output to the much older legacy TV display standards.

If the laptop has an "S-Video" jack, the circuitry that does that is already built into the laptop (the feature is called TV Out).

Does the laptop have a "S-Video" jack ?

If yes, you can buy, or you may already have been provided with, a standard S-Video (4 pins, male) to RCA jack (female)(gender) adapter - you simply connect that and use an RCA cable with male plugs on both ends to connect it to the yellow RCA jack on the TV.

Whatever type of adapter you use, don't expect much. Composite (or S-Video) video on the TV will not look anywhere near as good as the display on your computer monitor.

If you want the audio that goes along with the video from the computer to be coming from the TV's speakers, you need a 1/8" stereo plug (plugs into the headphones jack on the laptop) to a red and white RCA jack (gender) adapter and a pair of RCA cables with male plugs on both ends , or the equivalent of that (plugs into the red and white RCA jacks on the TV).

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