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Asus OPlay video freezing

September 1, 2010 at 21:36:37
Specs: WinXP pro, sempron
Hi, I just got the O'Play R1 and am trying to play videos with a usb card reader/flash card combo. Anyone know if the usb device should be plugged in after the Asus player is turned on? Is the usb device supposed to still be on, or power supplied to it after I power down the Asus player? I've tried Asus forums but so far no answers and the refund time limit at the store I got it at is coming up.

When I first tried the player, I was plugging in the card reader with card before turning on the Asus player; before taking the card reader out to change cards, I would always power down the Asus; however, almost all videos would freeze, about every few seconds. This would happen with all the cards I trie and even on standard def divx videos. Then I tried turning the player on, then plugging in the card reader/card; so far this method seems to have solved the freezing, but I can't be sure, I have only had time to play maybe ten minutes. The videos on 1 of the cards still freezes like before no matter what method I use; may be a problem with that card, but it does work fine on my computer.

Also, when I was plugging in the card reader before turning on the Asus, when I turned the Asus player off, the card reader would also turn off. If I plug the reader in when the Asus is on, but then turn the Asus off, the card reader is still on/power still being supplied to it; I don't think it's being accessed because the led light on the reader isn't indicating any activity. Just wondering if this is normal. Thanks.

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September 2, 2010 at 14:59:34
Just a quick follow up, the problem with the usb still getting after the Asus was powered down seems to have been a one time thing. However, I still have to install the usb card reader after the Asus is turned on or else I get freezes ever few seconds so I am still wondering if that is normal.

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