How to put data from energy producers in a database?

September 11, 2020 at 02:40:04
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At work we have a couple of power plats for renewable energy. It's part of our plan to stop relying on fossil fuels until 2050 hahahha

The problem is that we've got problems connecting the power plants with each other. We need a certain amount of sinergy in order to let everything run as it's supposed to. We need some kind of solution to connect each single plant to a greater smart grid.

We've tried a couple of things already but data loss and latency are a huge problem for us.
If anyone might have an idea i would be really glad...

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September 11, 2020 at 12:21:15
Obviously this is a job for professionals, but I'd like to
ask a few questions.

What kind of data loss? Do you know what causes it?

What is the latency between? That is, where does the
data come from and where does it need to go?

How quickly does the data need to get there? What is
the latency you are seeing? Are you talking about days,
minutes, or seconds, or milliseconds, or microseconds,
or maybe even nanoseconds?

Is the latency consistent or does it vary?

Is the latency in a data network or in the power distribution
system itself? If it is a data network, what hardware and
protocols does it use? If it is the power distribution system,
what is used to control it?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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September 22, 2020 at 06:00:47
It’s really nice to see when someone is using their ressources in order to save ressources for others. That’s just great and I like that your place of employment is trying so hard to cange something. Comunication is really important and in this digital age we are living in it might even be one oft he most important things out there. So I think it‘s no wonder that you need proper comunication, even when you are just trying to generate power or something. Smart grids are the future and I think they are here to stay. Going forward you need to adress the problem of your latency issues. That could be fixed by using cloud services. I think you should try a cloud provider coupled with a Kafka database. I can recommend you Aiven as a DBaaS provider. They have also many other customers in the energy sector and it is open source.

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