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Solved How can i recover corrupted database file( .mdf .ldf).

Microsoft Sql server 2008 r2 standard (l...
November 28, 2014 at 07:15:15
Specs: Windows 7

I run MSDE on a Windows XP Server and my database was marked as "suspect" by Enterprise Manager and its icon become gray.
I detach that database and try to re-attach it but there is an error as the following:
Error 3624:
Location : page.cpp:2801
Expression: rowLength >= offset + deleteLenght
SPID : 56
Precess ID:1612
After that, I uninstall the MSDE and re-install new MSDE SP4 and try to re-attach the database file again and there is still an error.
Is there anyway i can recover the data from that database?
Would appreciate your help

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December 2, 2014 at 06:30:33
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Hi! Try to fix this problem:

• Click the Windows \"Start\" button and select \"All Programs.\" Click your \"SQL Server\" program group and click the \"SQL Server Management Studio\" shortcut. This opens the Management Studio console application.
• Click the SQL Server name on the left side of your console. In the main toolbar, click \"New Query.\" This opens a query window where you execute the \"sp_attach_db\" stored procedure.
• Type the following command into your query console:
sp_attach_db 'Database_Name','c:\backupDB.mdf','C:\backupLogs.ldf'
• The first parameter is the \"Database_Name.\" This is the name of the database that registers with SQL Server. This can be the original name of the backed up database, or you can give it a new name. The second parameter is the location and file name for the MDF file. The third is the location for the LDF file. You can restore from the local hard drive, an external drive or a shared network location.
• Press the \"F5\" key. This executes the SQL statement and restores the database along with the log file.

or use:

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