Copying (and running) my DOS program (with database) to win8

November 5, 2014 at 05:16:58
Specs: Windows 8
The last 13 years a friend of my is using a program called unitbeheer (unit management) which is a DOS program with some kind of database (DOS?). What the program does is quite easy, it has all this information about locations that are being hired (costs, duration, etc.) and we can either add information to it or retrieve it and print it out. Although the program has some more to it, that is basically what it does.

The thing is that it is now running on a windows xp pc and i want to migrate it to a windows 8 pc. I am perhaps in over my head with this but i have read a bit about how to do it and found out that i could use the DOSbox application to run DOS programs on 64 bits systems (my windows 8). So it is all working fine, i have mounted my driver and ran the program.

So the program (and its belonging files, as well its query / database files) are all copied to my pc.

Now when i am running the program i am getting a few errors which i can not figure out. Firstly, when i mount the program files to my c driver (where it is also copied to) and run the program, i am getting the error: no validate station: I: set dire to i:

When i look at what the program does (that is being executed) it seems to go to the folder DBASE5 (with cd DBASE5) and then runs a file called DBASE UB.PRG. First of all, no such file is in that folder, there are however 2 separate files: one being DBASE.EXE and one being UB.PRG. Apart from that, i was curious what was in the UB file so i opened it with notepad. This is the code that is in that folder:

set dire to i:\
do ub.dbo 

ub.dbo is another file with the same name obviously but a different extension. I thought to go around this problem by mounting my driver to I. This is by the way my mounting code (with i as driver) in DOSbox:

mount i c:\DOSfiles
cd unitbe~1


unitbe~1 is the folder where the DOS program is in (and DOSfiles is a folder i made to put it in) and UB.BAT is the program that needs to be executed.

This worked (kinda) but lead me to another problem, now i am getting the error message: File doesn't exist: ub.dbo. This is rather strange since the file is there in the folder.. and when i open it with notepad i get this weird code that i dont understand:

| DBO          9                                               ë ub.prg F P S&O«I¹\ ub.dbo  ž  
         $    ' ÿÿ     ub.dbo          @           h   „   '          ub        ub.prg   

At this point i am getting stuck.. Does any of you perhaps know what is going wrong? Its perhaps a hard question without detailed information about the program so i will try to upload as mich information below:

*Background: The program is being ran on a company's network, since i see this program today for the first time (with the explanation about what it does) i am not sure on which driver it exactly runs (but i guess it is I). Neither do i know what other (perhaps related) files are on there (will know this tomorrow though).

Furthermore i made some screenshots of all the files: (don't mind the notepad open with.. its now the default for some extensions..) - notice there are 2 screenshots of the files of the program in the general map and 2 of the DBASE5 map which is also located (as a map) in the program files.

Picture of the DOS program files

Picture 2 of the DOS program files

Another picture of the DOS program files but now the files in the DBASE5 map

Picture 2 of the DOS program DBASE5 map files

I hope this is enough input. Anyway, thank you in advance!

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November 7, 2014 at 08:42:45
Easiest way out of this is to create an empty partition on the hard drive, pick up a cheap (but legal) copy of XP on Ebay, then install it on the new partiton to dual-boot alongside Windows 8.

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December 4, 2014 at 12:00:09
Or you run Windows XP in a virtual box.

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