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October 6, 2012 at 14:07:44
Specs: Windows 7
My media server is dieing and I was going to replace it with another old computer I have

mobo: ASUS A7V8X-X ,
CPU: Athlon tm 2800+

My question is about the ram whats the best choice to put in this?

ausu websites says "3 x DDR DIMM Sockets
Max. 3 GB unbuffered PC2100 / PC1600 non-ECC SDRAM Memory (PC3200 Max. to 2 banks only / PC2700 Max to 4 banks only)"

so does that mean I should put in 3 1gb sticks of PC 2100?

or would 2 1 gb sticks of PC3200 be better

I am out of the loop with older ram like this what would be the best config?
Also I was planning to overclock it somewhat.

I have a bunch of 512mb PC3200 sticks and a 1 gb pcn2700 one

thanks Russ

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October 6, 2012 at 14:12:07

Even if they don't offer the older type of memory, the scanner usually will tell you what your system should be able to handle.

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October 6, 2012 at 15:05:08
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"My media server is dieing"

Explain what makes you think it's dying.

"CPU: Athlon tm 2800+"

It's very important to maintain a FSB:DRAM ratio of 1:1 with an Athlon XP system. The best RAM to use depends on which 2800+ you have:

- if it's the 266MHz FSB version, use DDR266 (or faster), then underclock the faster RAM to DDR266 speed.
- if it's the 333MHz FSB version, use DDR333 (or faster), then underclock the faster RAM to DDR333 speed.
- if it's the 400MHz FSB version, use DDR400.
- if you overclock, always try to run the RAM at the same speed as the FSB (1:1).

"so does that mean I should put in 3 1gb sticks of PC 2100?...or would 2 1 gb sticks of PC3200 be better"

A larger amount of RAM almost always trumps a lesser amount of RAM, even if that means running a less than optimal FSB:DRAM ratio. Make sure you understand what is meant by "banks".

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October 6, 2012 at 15:18:58
Hope to not over complicate this but,

Most AMD 2800+ processors are of the 333Mhz flavor (PC2700) but one model is 400Mhz fsb (PC3200).

Odds are you would want to use the PC2700 stick then populate the rest of the slots with the PC3200 you have. All the memory will run at PC2700 speeds and give you the desired 1:1 ratio.

Edit: riider is faster than me and didn't have FedEx at the door. He's also perfectly correct.

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October 6, 2012 at 16:21:51
Hi , thanks for the quick replays

ya I am thinking stick with the PC 2700 stuff since I already have 1 stick and buy a 2nd or 3rd stick to reach my 3GB limit

I'm not sure what FSB version it is. I'll have to look (computer currently doesnt have a keyboard or monitor)

As for my server dying , well its running too hot. there is 7 HD in there not enought room or good air flow and now that the AC is off its running so hot it keeps shutting down. 60C for CPU 50-60C adv for the hard drives

I need to setup another computer so I can take some drives out of it.


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October 6, 2012 at 17:03:18
Nothing wrong with getting the 2800+ up and running in case you have a problem with your server.

But...more questions.

What is the total capacity of your 7 hdd's? You could probably replace them all with one or two relatively modern drives.

You're running Win 7? Why not XP or 2000 or some linux flavor?

What are specs of the server you have running? Cooling problems can usually be fixed.

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October 7, 2012 at 10:40:05
Hi hi

You right I likey could replace the old hard drives out with new ones. But I don't really have the money for that. and its not broke yet;)

however if you have some input here is my current setup

Node 1: IBM xseriers 346 3,4 ghz xeon duel core , duel CPU's 6 scsi 74GB drives
Thing is way to loud, Its in my garage. Backtrack/Win7 used as a backup storage for family pics, doc.
Normally turned off.

Node 2: AMD 2100, 1.5GB ram . Media storage main. 80gig IDE - win7 OS drive + work Docs , 80gig IDE download temp drive. 200GB x2 IDE drives spanned drive for music. Sata 2TB drive for movies , 1TB sata TV shows , 1TB sata High def movies. Never turned off. gig nic link to Node1, 100mbit link to house network. Running TVversity to the house , Xbox, playbook, - Main computer for Torrents. I like the windows interface for downloading and remote desktop.
Issues here: system running too hot and is likey going to cause it to fail sooner then it should. Cant encode mkv files to the Xbox fast enought and has issues of lagging when to many devices are connecting off its shares. Mvix and Wii connect to its shares too but do their own decoding for media

Node 3: Athlon tm 2800+ ( The computer in question about the ram from the start of this post) 1GB ram for now.
Backtrack 5r3 , never turned off. 80gig OS hard drive , 2x 500mb sata drives
Not really doing anything other then me playing around on backtrack , airmon etc.
Currently providing a link via wireless to my neighbours house network ( they keep getting stuff off me.)

Mvix media player: Connect to shares off node2 and plays high def movies 1080p even. does its own decoding. Sometimes if watching a highdef movie will cause node2 to freeze up.

Then the laptops , gaming , work work. etc. much faster then any of these systems.

If anyone has any feedback I would love to hear it. I know I could just go spend $1000 and have one PC do all this , but I like the idea of each system kind of having a job.

I'm thinking of moving the TV stuff over to node3. and getting rid of node1 all together. its not really doing much.


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