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Solved What Is Cpu Over Voltage Error?

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when i switch-on my system, i get a message”cpu over voltage error”
“press f1 to resume”, after i press F1, it displays “checking nvram” ,and proceeds like normal system. i just upgraded my system to<4gb ram, 512mb nvidia 8400gs,asus motherboard,500gb hard disk>


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  1. “4gb ram, 512mb nvidia 8400gs,asus motherboard,500gb hard disk”
    Isn’t much to go on. Reset your CMOS with jumper, button(if one), or by removing the button battery (power disconnected), then pressing the power button for a few seconds (see manual). Then go to BIOS set up and ‘Load Optimal Settings’ or ‘Load Defaults’ save and exit.
    If you were trying to overclock, then learn what you are doing before proceeding since OverVolting is to be done very carefully.
    If you need more help, please give important details you are missing. System, MB model, exact RAM, power supply make/model, etc.

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