Solved Upgrading to Ryzen 7 & Cpu from frying my old on however..

Gigabyte mother board / B450 ds3h
October 30, 2020 at 13:50:06
Specs: Windows 10, Ryzen 7 2700X
Hey guys,

This is my 2nd post on the computing website and I am loving the site knowing that everyone can help and share information. I have some questions

So I recently posted a question about what happened to my CPU & I/O in the post of "OC went wrong, boot to black screen ..etc"

I have now ordered a new I/O same kind
Specs below and I am going to be upgrading my CPU.

I am waiting on the new year to get a new Ryzen 5900X so I needed a boost for Streaming since I do 2 (shows) The Ryzen 5 3600 was like the entry level for streaming (to handle it) I still couldn't record on OBS & Stream at the same time So I decided to go for the Ryzen 7 2700X
My question is I heard that the non x version were better i believe they said they regular non x gave more power or freq or something?

Also Is there anything that I need to do besides putting thermal paste on to the new cpu (its like installing a new computer I never put a replacement cpu on a computer)

Also my second question was, I recently fryed the i/o from taking out the CMOS Clear battery 2 times. I never solved my issue with the black screens I did take it to my computer guy and he said its either the old cpu or i/o Im scared to test the cpu (old) in case it is over clocked and hurts the new i/o.. or what is the correct way to do that?

Also my 3rd and last question is when my new i/o is all connected (for the replacement) do I have to do anything in bios My special kind of motherboard doesn't require a flash for the new 3000 series, however is there anything that I need to do or does it act like a new computer setup and its good to go?

Gigabyte Ds3h b 450 (REPLACEMENT)
Ryzen 7 2700X
PS - ThermalTake TR2 600Watt
rtx geforce 1660
RAM - XPG 16GB SPECTRIX D41 DDR4 3000 MHz UDIMM Desktop Memory Kit (2 x 8GB, Tungsten Gray) & 2 v-Color Prism RGB 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4 3000MHz

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October 30, 2020 at 18:04:24
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It doesn't appear you took my advice in your other post. Who is this PC guy you're dealing with? Is he a legitimate PC builder/repairman? Because the fact that the board beeps when the RAM is removed means both the board & CPU are probably still good. An experienced PC guy would know that.

FYI, you can NOT fry a CPU by overclocking it. All CPUs, both AMD & Intel, have built-in thermal protection & have had it for many years. If a CPU gets too hot, it will simply shutdown to protect itself from burning out. And if you over-overclock it thru the BIOS, the system will either become unstable or it simply won't boot until you back off the settings again, usually by using the Clear_CMOS jumper. The only way to fry a CPU is to over-volt it.

You said you used Ryzen Master. That is software overclocking, it does NOT change the BIOS settings. Any changes you make with it are not permanent & do not "stick". As soon as you reboot, the CPU settings return to normal again (or however you have them configured in the BIOS). You have to open Ryzen Master & reapply the overclock settings after every single reboot.

And just so you know, I/O doesn't mean motherboard, it means Input/Out. The metal shield that comes with a motherboard to fit around the rear ports (HDMI, USB, ethernet, audio, etc) is called an I/O shield. THIS is an example of an I/O shield.

See my detailed response #7 in your 1st post:

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