Solved Unlocked phenom ii x2 555 BE issues

March 22, 2017 at 04:35:32
Specs: Windows 64
So recently i've had one problem happening to me, that was screen freez + mouse + keyboard wouldnt respond, and i had to restart pc, that was the only way i could go out of deadlock.
I posted the issue on forum. After few days i menaged to find out that my unlocked phenom ii x2 555 BE was the issue (Phenom ii x4 b55)
I found problem randomly, since i removed the battery from Motherboard, and it reseted bios setting to default, and later i found out that my Nvidia NVVC was disabled, and that my cpu was reverted back to phenom ii x2 555 BE.
After searching online i menaged to find one post that has some form of explanation.
So i went into M.I.T options under NVVC i found that it was disabled, since i reverted back to default settings
But this post doesnt give clear explanation
How can i disable only one core out of four cores?
Because i tryed tweaking options After i put NVVC under per core it shows core 0 core 1 core 2 core 3
So i went core core 3 and clicked 0 on core 3 thinking that would disable that core, but it didnt do anything after i booted windows i still had all 4 cores
So i went back to Bios and disabled entirely NVVC but after i booted windows i still had all four cores
And only way that i menaged to go back to phenom ii x2 555 BE again was to remove the battery out of Motherboard
Could anyone explain me better what does that all mean
I did saw after i select at NVVC per core Option it offers, to go by core these options 0 -2% -4% -6% -8% -10% -12% and +2% +4% +6% +8% +10% +12%
And im confused since i dont know how, i've asked at local pc service can they help me, they said no
I tryed to find solution online, but no one gives detailed information of how to disable just 1 out of 4 cores
Because i kinda want to see could i atleast have it as X3 and not X4 clearly its not stable quad core anymore
Another thing that i never touched was chipset voltage, but i saw from link above that the person has put +.1v and hes vcore is 1.425 as triple core
And i had my x4 on 1.3vcore
So im not sure was that issue or what
If someone could give me better explaination that would be great
DUal core these days isnt enough, even thou my pc is stable im kinda still ultra happy, but in same time kinda sad, because i think the chip could offer way more

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March 24, 2017 at 09:09:25
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I think we went thru all this in your other thread.

- Boards based on NVIDIA chipsets are no longer a good choice. AMD CPUs work best with AMD chispets; Intel CPUs work best with Intel chipsets. NVIDIA got out of the motherboard chipset business about 8 years ago.

- Did you replace the power supply yet? The 550W you have is a piece of sh!t & the 400W isn't much better. Without clean power, you can't properly troubleshoot other problems. And it's very possible the "other problems" will go away once the power supply is replaced with a quality unit.

- Unlocked cores is never guaranteed to be stable. The cores were locked for one of 2 reasons...either the cores are defective, or AMD needed additional X2 CPUs to meet demand & disabled 2 perfectly good cores on X4 CPUs.

If the computer works fine with the CPU's default settings (no cores unlocked), you have your answer...the cores were locked because they were bad. If that's the case, leave it as an X2 & overclock the crap out of it. That's the whole idea behind BE (Black Edition) CPUs. Then again, you need a decent board, decent PSU, & the correct RAM (DDR2-1066) to do it right & have a stable hi-performing system.

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